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Affordable Housing Compliance Made Easy

Learn about the accelerated onboarding process, robust integrations, intuitive interface and world-class support that make Fortress the most automated property management software in real estate. 


What is a cloud-based property management system?

Staying in touch with your tenants is a breeze. Fortress streamlines the management of tenant applications, lease agreements, rent collection and recurring payments, document storage, accounting, and more through our intuitive interface and in-app automations.

With Fortress, You can send notifications to individuals or the entire community with just a few clicks. Plus, you can monitor payments and effortlessly generate reports from anywhere you happen to be.  


Streamlined Tenant Communication

Communicate with your residents in real-time

Send individual or mass announcements by email, phone, text, or a message in Fortress Hub, our cloud-based resident portal. Choose between phone calls, emails, text message, or portal updates so that your residents never miss an update.

Apartment Maintenance Management

Simplifying Maintenance Work Order Processing for Tenants

With the Fortress Hub App, tenants have the power to process work orders and track their progress conveniently and efficiently. Tenants can easily initiate work orders with just a few taps, ensuring prompt attention to their maintenance needs, while transparent communication fosters a seamless experience, keeping everyone informed at every step along the way. Prepare for everyone to be spoiled in a way they'll wish this was the status quo anywhere they go.

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Payment Processing

Automate rent collection with Fortress Payments

No need to log into another system for payment processing. Fortress offers a built-in payments solution so you can automatically collect rents and monitor payments.

Ready to raise your property management game?

Fortress is the real estate industry's most automated property management software. Learn more about our accelerated onboarding, in-app training and live support - schedule a demo with our team today!

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