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Why I Joined Fortress: Matthew Guhne

Get to know our BDR Matthew Guhne and why he joined our team that's disrupting the property management software market.

Name: Matthew Guhne

Title: Business Development - West


What drives you? How did your career path lead to Fortress?

I love making a difference in others' lives while reaching my goals, so joining a company with a mission was very important to me. After one month with the team, I have felt my personal growth expand quickly. The foundation of trust presented since meeting my director Tiffany and the rest of the team has made this an invaluable time for me in my career. 


How has your experience with Fortress been thus far?

Incredible! Working with a truly motivated team about changing the industry is a fantastic experience. I feel more empowered in my career since joining Fortress. The culture is fostered around positivity and growing your career which is a big deal. I am thankful my path led me to a great group of passionate people.


What about the company do you value most?

The team, as well as the mission. Working with such talented and kind individuals makes it a joy to be a part of Fortress. Since day one, the positivity and upbeat spirit of the entire company have been incredible. The leadership team truly makes you feel empowered that you have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, which for me, is such an immense value that many companies are missing.


How does your role allow you to contribute to the growth and vision of the company?

The sales team's directive is to close the business and innovate ideas through conversations we have with industry professionals. This is a significant component of what makes Fortress unique, as there are always conversations about how we can improve our processes in many different ways.


What would you say to someone considering joining the Fortress team?

If you want to work with talented and driven people who genuinely want to see Fortress succeed in property management, then this is the place for you. A startup has many moving pieces, which can seem like a tall task, but Fortress is hands down the best startup and company I have worked for.

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