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Fortress: Automating Property Management

Rapid Onboarding  |  In-App Training  |  Powerful Integrations

Welcome to real estate's most automated property management software.

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Property managers automate the boring work with Fortress 

Fortress software was built to automate the most tedious tasks for property managers so real estate can be a relationship industry again.

You shouldn't have to export dozens of reports every week or click 9,000 times to get the information you need. You deserve intuitive property management software that automatically guides you, gives you important KPIs in as few clicks as possible, and has real-time integrations with best-in-class accounting, payments and credit reporting software.

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Centralized & Automated for Ease of Use

Fortress gives you everything you need to manage your portfolio in just a few screens. Our intuitive property management software puts powerful analytics at your fingertips while minimizing dropdowns, pop ups and clicks, and we have built in software like to automatically guide you through real estate workflows.

Don't waste time learning outdated property management software - take your real estate game to the next level with Fortress.

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Rapid Onboarding & Live Support

With Fortress, customer service is our top priority. We partner with you to onboard your portfolio quickly, train your team efficiently, and answer any questions you may have immediately. Don't settle for slow, terrible support - get white glove customer service with Fortress.

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Fortress is elevating the property management industry with an automated platform built by operators, for operators.

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Intuitive Interface

Our simple, intuitive interface puts the full power of your data  at your disposal while minimizing dropdowns, pop ups and clicks.

Guided In-App Training

In-App Training

Learn at your own pace with our self-guided training system. It's so easy, you and your team will become experts in only 3 hours.

Powerful Analytics

Powerful Analytics

Fortress was designed for real estate analysis with robust integrations, built-in BI tools, and industry leading financial and AP software.

"I have worked with multiple property management platforms over 15+ years and none has been as user-friendly and transparent as Fortress. The ease of data delivery significantly helps me analyze how properties are doing in real time. And meetings with the operations team are streamlined because we are able to look at the same real-time information. I highly recommend Fortress.”​​​​​​​

Stephanie Lehman
VP of Asset Management | 8,000 units

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