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Fortress: Built by Property Managers, for Property Managers

Marketing Team Sep 1, 2022 9:06:00 AM
Fortress Property Management Software: Built by Managers, for Managers

Fortress was created by former property managers who were tired of the status quo in property management software. It’s no secret that in the real estate industry, and for multifamily properties in particular, the leading software people use to manage their portfolios is:

  1. Painfully outdated, like 90s websites
  2. Buggy (but don’t worry, customer service only takes several days to respond to critical bugs)
  3. Laggy, with nightly data syncs vs real-time data
  4. Report based, where you have to export several PDF reports to analyze anything
  5. Exceedingly difficult to learn and use
  6. And it takes weeks to get up and running, during which you’re essentially running blind

And it’s no wonder… did you know the average market leading property management software company was founded in 1991? Yeah, you read that right. This industry has some ancient, yet still quite expensive tech, that provides a terrible user experience through and through.

We launched Fortress (this millennium) to create exactly the opposite of this experience.


With Fortress, owners and property managers get:

  1. A highly intuitive, modern interface
  2. A solid technological foundation with minimal bugs (and supported by real humans who respond to your questions in minutes, not days)
  3. Real-time data updates and transparency into your portfolio
  4. All your critical metrics on one page for property managers and owners alike to analyze
  5. An interface that is easy to learn and use, with self-guided in-app training that gets you up to speed in 3-hours
  6. 2-day onboarding with proprietary document intake technology to get you started fast

Take a look at our dashboard and analytics in the video below and you'll see the difference immediately:

HubSpot Video


Fortress makes it extremely easy for owners and managers to monitor and optimize performance, and it makes it ridiculously easy for on-site teams to track and manage tasks. So why do 9 out of 10 managers recommend Fortress over the incumbent leaders in property management software?

In our next post, we talk about the Accelerated Onboarding & Ease of Use with Fortress Software, one of the main reasons our customers love us. Check it out below:

Next Up: Fortress - Accelerated Onboarding & Ease of Use


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