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How we’re making proptech work for customers in Canada

Learn how multifamily management software is changing to better meet the needs of busy property managers, owners and residents. Including tool recommendations.


This month marks the launch of FORTRESS into the Canadian market and, to put it bluntly, we’re wondering how they’ve been doing it without us. Between clunky integrations and inflexible solutions, property managers have been losing time and potentially even clients.In this article, you can learn more about our launch and the impact its had so far on customers in Canada. 

How we’re (really) doing things differently 

We know everyone likes to think that their solution is trailblazing, but we’re realistic about what we’re doing and how it’s different…

Fortress was founded to be a core solution that doesn’t do everything. So, when expanding into new markets, our approach is to find best-in-class software partners to integrate with. 

Instead of building an internal accounting solution, we empower property management organizations to choose and combine the most suitable local software to manage their portfolios. 

Customers in Canada can now access rent roll management, collections, occupancy, rent trends, and renewals solutions while looking for specialized solutions to integrate fully into this core hub. 

A case study: VIDA

VIDA is FORTRESS’s first Canadian client, and we are working with them to develop a robust tech ecosystem supporting their mission to revolutionize affordable communities and reach 10,000 units by 2027.

CEO Ron Lovett describes the partnership like this:

“VIDA is excited to partner with Fortress Technology Solutions as we keep building a sense of belonging throughout our communities. The user-friendly software will be a central resource in providing value to our customers and partners into the future.”

Kerri continues,  "Fortress is honored and excited to help VIDA continue to excel and scale by providing the system they need to support their teams, owners, and residents. We will work alongside the VIDA team to ensure high adoption and success rates in record time. And we can't wait to offer the same to other Canadian companies." 

Want to read the official press release? Read it here.


Empowering people with streamlined and intuitive systems providing automation, centralization and extreme usability, creating a better quality of life and higher levels of success for everyone - operators, owners, residents and investors.

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