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Fortress Wins the 2024 Multifamily Innovation Venture-Backed Award

The Multifamily Innovation Awards highlight the essential role of innovators that are actively leading and driving change in the multifamily industry.

Fortress was recently honored at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit held on December 5-6, 2023, In Phoenix, Arizona. Fortress was the recipient of the 2024 Multifamily Innovation Venture-Backed award.

Multifamily Leadership celebrated the recipients of the prestigious Multifamily Innovation® Awards. Executives from across the country celebrated the achievements of those at the forefront of change and progress in the multifamily industry.

Tiffany Bergstrom, Fortress Senior Vice-President of Sales accepted the award. “I felt pure joy walking on stage to accept this award on behalf of Fortress. This award is indicative of the passion and drive of the entire Fortress team as we work tirelessly to improve the property management software space and make a difference in the way people rent. I would like to thank the Multifamily Innovation Summit for recognizing that dedication. It is an honor.”

The Multifamily Innovation® Awards underscore the critical role of innovators who are not just adapting to changes but are actively driving them. Each winner represents a unique aspect of progress, from technological advancements to sustainable practices and community development.

“As Chairman of the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council and CEO of Multifamily Leadership, I am deeply impressed by the caliber of talent and innovation showcased in this year’s Multifamily Innovation® Awards. Each awardee represents the pinnacle of creativity and forward-thinking in our industry. Their contributions are not just enhancing the multifamily sector but are setting a benchmark for excellence. These awards highlight the vital role of innovation in shaping a vibrant, sustainable, and resident-centric future in multifamily living. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and look forward to the continued evolution and growth they will bring to our industry.” – Patrick Antrim, Chairman, Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council and CEO, Multifamily Leadership.

19 companies and individuals received the honor of winning a 2024 Multifamily Innovation® Award. View the full list here


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