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Generating Leads and Leading Teams: How Centralized Multifamily Software Can Transform Your Operations

Discover how automated property management software can help your team generate leads and manage residents. Learn how to centralize and optimize your stack.

With both apartment construction and property management labor shortages at a record high, attracting and retaining residents and team members is more critical than ever before… And there’s one key desire that unites both of these groups — a simple, unified multifamily software solution. 

In this article, we look at how a resident and lead management tool can take the workload off your teams, helping them turn apartment seekers into loyal residents and loyal residents into brand ambassadors. We also look at the importance of centralization within this (and yes, we know we go on about this all the time, but it really is important). 

Tools  for  generating  multifamily  leads

Almost 40% of Gen Z and millennials plan to move or have moved apartments this year. And, with 29% looking for more cost-effective living, there’s plenty of opportunity for affordable multifamily properties. 

The issue arises when we look at how to attract these markets. Unlike the generations before, Gen Z and millennials are looking for a tech-enabled experience from the start. This doesn’t mean a cringe use of emojis, but it does mean that strategies for attracting leads need to include:

  • Virtual tours and 3D walkthroughs 
  • Instant text messages about updates
  • An easy portal to make payments 
  • ILS syndication so you can find them where they are searching
  • A responsive website 

Solutions  for  managing  residents 

Multifamily software streamlines the process of managing residents for your team. No longer do they have to navigate between three different systems to compile a report. No longer do they need to run through a list of day to day tasks without easy reminders and there’s definitely no need to manually manage rent roll. 

Automated property management software (like FORTRESS) makes it easy to retain great team members because, instead of bogging them down with boring tasks, you can help them add true value and better understand residents.

The  importance  of  a  centralized  multifamily  software  solution 

All of the great features in the world are no use unless they’re unified under an intuitive platform. And too often multifamily portfolio tools are outdated and clunky, trying to do everything and ending up doing very little. Our Founder and CEO Kerri Davis created FORTRESS because she realized this first-hand. 

Speaking to Forbes, she put it simply: “What did our industry need? A solution that focused on the necessary workflows designed for and by the people who were using them, a solution that made jobs easier, people successful, and assets valuable.”

Our centralized solution makes it easy for team members to access full integrations and features that just work. From here, the process of converting leads to loyal residents becomes that bit more streamlined, no matter what the market conditions. 

Ready to find out more about FORTRESS? Get in touch.


Empowering people with streamlined and intuitive systems providing automation, centralization and extreme usability, creating a better quality of life and higher levels of success for everyone - operators, owners, residents and investors.

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