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How To Retain Staff In The Midst of A Property Management Labor Shortage

Learn the strategies that will help you retain staff amid labor shortages and discover the software that will save them time and stress.

Research shows that 24% of property managers and owners are now impacted by labor shortages, a rate that’s been steadily increasing since the pandemic. 

As more and more employees realize they can command higher rates and more flexibility in other industries, attracting and retaining staff becomes even more critical to streamlining operations. 

In this article, we explore the strategies that will help you to do so and look at software that will improve both employee and resident experience.  

Create a supportive work atmosphere 

It’s not rocket science that creating a positive work environment is crucial to retaining staff. But in property management where the pressure is consistently so high, it’s even more important to create a supportive culture. To do so, look to implement the following steps:

  • Offer comprehensive onboarding programs without burdening experienced team members 
  • Facilitate cross-training to broaden skillsets and promote career progression
  • Establish open, anonymous communication channels for feedback 
  • Recognize and reward achievements through meaningful incentives
  • Provide comprehensive well-being programs that address both physical and mental health 

Use automated tools

As your company grows and (being real) your labor force shrinks, automating repetitive tasks becomes essential. When your staff don’t need to spend hours every day compiling data and running rent roll, they’re able to focus on more value-driven work like marketing new properties and nurturing multifamily leads

For optimal efficiency look for multifamily software that includes:

  • Automated rent roll and payments
  • Comprehensive reporting in a few clicks 
  • Streamlined communications solutions — for example, Fortress includes two-way SMS so you can message residents easily and send out reminders in bulk

Choose easy-to-adopt software

Property managers are very used to navigating between three different clunky systems every day… But they shouldn’t be. By burdening your team with commercial property management software that’s difficult to onboard and use, you not only harm efficiency but employee experience.  

Unlike many other solutions in the industry, Fortress was designed to be easy to use from day one. Users can view key property data, manage leads and resident details, and access integrations all from the same dashboard. 

Ready to fully support your property management labor force? Get in touch to find out more about building your Fortress.



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