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Looking Back to Look Forward: We Killed It in 2023 and We’re Coming for 2024

Join us in looking back with pride and forward with excitement. Discover what we’ve been up to alongside our endlessly awesome partners.

There are few times in any of our lives when we slow down enough to reflect on our past achievements, least of all in property management when everything goes at 1,000 miles an hour. But, as the first couple of months of 2024 passed, we sat and said to ourselves: yes, we did kill it last year, yes we do deserve to talk about it…And yes we wouldn’t be here without many of you!

Read this blog and take a look at the corresponding infographic to discover what we’ve been up to alongside our endlessly awesome partners.

Making operations butter smooth

Over 175,000 work orders were automated in our OS last year. This means more efficient, effective maintenance standards and a streamlined way for residents to submit service requests.

Meanwhile, at a similarly fast and impressive rate, over half a million text messages were sent inside our platform. Fortress 2-way texting allows residents to text their property management team directly. No need to login to their Portal or jump through any hoops. The property management team receives those messages and can respond right from within Fortress OS.

Both of these features have a clear impact not only on operational efficiency but your residents and reputation too… Big win!

Introducing powerful new features (not shiny tools) 

We introduced 100+ new features and 15+ integrations in 2023. However, as always, we made sure that rather than chasing shiny new tools, each of these add true value to the day to day lives of property management teams. 

Integrations are completed in a way that users can access them with full efficiency rather than navigating a clunky interface. For example, Fortress automatically sends and receives as much information behind the scenes to our integration partners so there’s no need to duplicate entries or manage multiple logins. 

Facilitating growth, growth, growth

Coming at you now with some HOT stats… In 2023, as compared to 2022, our property managers saw:

  • A 29% increase in units.
  • A 45% increase in new prospects.

Impressive, huh? Just imagine what this year will bring…

Click on the image below to view the full infographic.


Empowering people with streamlined and intuitive systems providing automation, centralization and extreme usability, creating a better quality of life and higher levels of success for everyone - operators, owners, residents and investors.

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