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The Role Of Technology In Modern Property Management

Fortress' CEO, Kerri Davis, talks about how embracing technological advancements leads to streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Real estate and property management industries have long been viewed as needing to catch up in the adoption of technology trends. The word "automation" was a cringeworthy phrase linked with impending doom and job insecurity.

But more recently, property managers have embraced technological advancements to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency. The once frightening tech tools have become trusted and are more like friendly workplace companions than misunderstood shadow creatures.

And the positive effects have been felt broadly.

By embracing the challenge of harnessing technology and transitioning in-person activities to virtual spaces, management has not only delivered added value and transparency to tech-savvy consumers and tenants but also empowered businesses to operate more effectively.

Integration And Increased Efficiency

Bolstered by the integration of artificial intelligence, automation has become the most significant change that technology has introduced within property management. With cloud-based software, virtual tours and online portals with applications and rent payments, property management companies and renters’ interactions have taken an enormous step forward.

Integrating self-service leasing alongside the shift toward increased automation in maintenance and complex accounting tasks has yet to spell the end for leasing staff. On the contrary, it is quite the opposite. Instead, automation assists in minimizing the time and resources needed for manual tasks, and with the increased capacity of staff, the focus can now be on improving the well-being of residents.

Real-Time Communication

The impact of technology, and property management software, in particular, has extended to not only staff and vendor communications but tenant communication as well. As a result, this crucial aspect of property management has revolutionized, becoming faster and more accessible to all parties.

Online portals and mobile applications have enabled tenants, staff and property owners to effectively enhance transparency by communicating in real time through messaging and community notifications while safeguarding documents, maintenance requests and feedback in one location.


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