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Attract leads into Residents,
all in one place with Fortress OS

Supercharge your leasing process so you can find, attract, screen, and close leads in one lead management system for your multifamily properties. When closing leads becomes this easy— you can focus on resident retention and simply rent better.

Multifamily lead generation

One Place, One System

First impressions set the tone for your future potential residents. Today, prospects expect more personalized and efficient communication.  Today’s sales force expects better, faster, more robust lead management engines to deliver on those expectations.  This is where FORTRESS OS saves the day. Fortress creates focus by minimizing distractions and keeping your team organized, efficient, and effective with your prospects through the sales process.


  • In-dashboard communications
  • Lead management functionality 
  • Conversation history
ILS Partner Syndication

Listing Vacancy just got Easier

Leverage the most accessible and discoverable ways to reach your potential residents. Our robust API allows you to customize and flow data in real-time for ILS partners like Zillow and or integrate seamlessly into your website and landing pages.


  • Free and customizable API
  • Real-time data
  • Embeds for iFrame
Lead Funnel Tools

Make All Communications Smooth

Automatically schedule walkthroughs, easily send floor plans, and reply to messages— even business SMS messages, in seconds. Our integrated communications interface allows you to nurture all your multifamily leads and automatically log all messages from one dashboard.


  • SMS texting and emailing
  • Integrated 3D floor plans
  • Dedicated property assigned numbers

Your Key to Exponential Growth Starts Now

You didn't hold onto your Blackberry for the same reasons you embraced your iPhone. Elevate operational efficiency with our property management system that actually works.

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