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Fortress in the Wild—A Story of Customer Success and Growth

“With Fortress, we took on 36 properties in the month of July. There’s no way we could have accomplished that with our old solution. They would have told us there was no way.” 

Yep, you heard that right.

Today, we’re coming to you with a case study from one of our partners, Jonathan Wogan of Wogan Group. We’re going to explore how Fortress has helped his company grow by making better, faster sense of data and streamlining operations, communications and problem-solving. Let’s dive in!


Jonathan Wogan

CEO and Founder, Wogan Group

Established: 2014

Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee

Wogan Group specializes in the management of multi-family properties, with their goal being to ensure efficient and profitable operations for property owners. Wogan Group manages properties in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas. 

The Solution: Fortress, (duh…)


“We had a need for better communication, for a team that knew what they were talking about, and for FAST migration. When Kerri, Fortress CEO, came to me and told me about the two to three day turnaround that really stood out to me. It was clear she was more hands-on in the business and the team could provide real support, particularly with understanding data."

"If I get a report now, I know I can call Kerri up and she’ll tell me where the information is from and help me understand it.”

— Jonathan Wogan

The Challenge:

Growing Inefficiencies  

Jonathan and his team were ready and raring to scale. But they were being held back by their old property management operating system. They were provided a dashboard that “looked nice, but presented data that was sometimes convoluted and complicated.”  

To make matters worse, when they tried to get support, they were met with inadequate support and internal inefficiencies.

“When we started with our old solution, they were really young and things were really streamlined communication-wise. As this company grew and developed, more and more of our time was spent speaking to the people who didn’t know the solution as well as they needed to. When we picked up the phone, it was always ‘I’ll get back to you on that.’”

“We were able to place feature requests, and in the beginning, they were highly receptive. As they grew, their agenda was certainly prioritized over their clients, including us.” 

Since the switch to Fortress, his team is able to request features, collaborate and feel like they are working with a technology partner, not just a provider.

The Result: Seamless Collaboration 

Onboarding with Fortress has helped the Wogan Group streamline operations in a number of ways… Integrations with specialized software are seamless, the dashboard is simplified, and communication is smooth, always.  

Jonathan describes the way that Wogan Group and Fortress have similar approaches, which facilitate fast-paced growth and flexibility.

“Nothing is perfect and as we discover things and come across ideas that could be more efficient, we can talk about it and work things out."

"There’s a lot of competition in the market and a lot of it comes down to who you are and what your identity is. If it's important to you that the companies you work with share similar identities and approaches then that makes sense… And having foresight, vision and being able to pivot, makes us similar to Fortress.” 

“We intend to grow and as we do, I’m excited for Fortress to be along for the ride.”
- Jonathan Wogan, CEO and Founder of Wogan Group

The Future: Nothing but Excitement

“We intend to grow and as we do, I’m excited for Fortress to be along for the ride,” said Jonathan when we asked him about his company’s plans for the future. "I'm much more confident in our ability to expand our portfolios knowing that at least the software is not going to be a complication.”

Are you ready to start your story of transformation with Fortress? Get in touch to find out how we could work together!

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