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Building a Bulletproof Tech Stack: A Guide to Property Management Software Integrations

Discover which software solutions you need to streamline operations and find out which property management operating system can bring them together.

When working in property management, it can feel like there are a million systems to navigate between and a hundred new shiny tools to explore each week. 

The truth is that all that’s needed for efficiency and ease is a few core solutions and a property management operating system that can bring them together seamlessly.

That’s why, in this article, we explore three key types of software you should look into and consider the best method of integration. In other words, we make what is often clunky and convoluted straightforward. 

Streamlined procurement software 

When making maintenance orders and managing outsourced staff, errors can quickly creep in and information can get lost. To take a common example, without a centralized system, maintenance requests are often taken over the phone, via email, and online; this makes it nearly impossible to track status updates and record important data. 

Work order software such as Bottomline (formerly Nexus) brings together information about service providers, contractual agreements, orders, and payments. This means your team can streamline the entire workflow and make more data-driven decisions. 

Effective ILS integration

By syndicating ILS data, you can track exactly where your multifamily leads are coming from in order to optimize your marketing and sales processes. And by setting this sync up in the right way, you can gain real-time data too. For example, Fortress offers full API integration to facilitate a streamlined site experience and great user experience with insights from sites like Zillow and

A comprehensive accounting solution

Between collecting rent, overseeing payroll, and managing reports, accounting quickly gets complicated. However, too many property managers make the mistake of choosing a PMO with a faulty accounting solution in-built. And this only adds complexity as functionality is limited.  

When creating Fortress, we made a conscious effort to focus on our core strengths and to leave accounting expertise to our partner, Sage. When using our PMO, customers can access a host of best-in-class financial solutions from their dashboard. 

Choosing the right partner

When you’re choosing a property management solution, you’re choosing a partner who will support you as you grow. This means you need to look out for a company that will build you a tech stack with full integrations that can adapt as you scale. Read our recent case study to find out how we’ve done this for our clients.




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