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Building a Greener Future: 7 Sustainable Property Management Best Practices

Today's renters consider sustainability and environmental efficiency necessities. Here are seven best practices to show your green side.

Sustainability is not just a real estate industry buzzword used to attract interested residents but an essential consideration in property management. Today's renters consider sustainability and environmental efficiency necessities and expect properties to display their  green side.

Multifamily property management companies have a unique opportunity to lead the way by implementing sustainable practices that benefit the environment and enhance property value and desirability. Moreover, by prioritizing sustainability, properties can achieve cost savings and improve resident satisfaction while contributing to a greener future.

Below we will explore some of the top practices for establishing and maintaining an environmentally conscious business.

Energy Efficiency
One of the most effective ways to reduce environmental impact is to conserve energy usage. Various tools can help minimize energy consumption, including upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting, installing smart thermostats for precise temperature control, and investing in modern, energy-saving appliances in kitchen and laundry areas.

Ensuring proper insulation in buildings is also vital in guaranteeing energy efficiency; well-insulated properties require less heating and cooling, resulting in lower energy consumption and expenses.

Water Conservation
One of the simplest ways to participate in water conservation efforts is to install water-efficient fixtures such as low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads. These cost-effective features significantly reduce water consumption  while maintaining a positive user experience.

Additionally, investing in a water monitoring system enables effective water usage tracking and can pinpoint areas that need improvement.

To implement effective landscaping strategies:
  1. Work to incorporate native and drought-resistant plants into the design.
  2. Prioritize using plants that thrive without frequent watering, and avoid chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.
  3. Opt for natural alternatives such as compost or organic pest control methods to promote the natural ecosystem if possible.
This approach benefits the environment and creates a safer and healthier living environment for tenants.

Waste Management
To encourage proper trash disposal, provide residents with recycling bins and clear designations for trash, compost, and recycling areas throughout the property. Educate staff and residents about proper sorting and disposal methods to promote participation.

Green Procurement
Green procurement involves selecting and sourcing environmentally friendly products for property maintenance and operations. Prioritize vendors and suppliers who follow sustainable practices and consider using recycled or locally sourced materials whenever possible.

Promote a Paperless Environment
Technology is crucial in reducing paper consumption in property management and is a great way to implement sustainable practices. A cloud-based property management software like Fortress Proptech allows property owners to manage all operations in one central location without printing. Promoting digital communication and documentation, such as electronic lease agreements and online maintenance requests, can reduce paper waste and streamline operations, contributing to sustainability and an improved workflow. Check  out our webinar  with CEO Kerri Davis to learn about paperless payments.

Resident Engagement
Engaging residents in sustainable practices and providing education and incentives foster a sense of community responsibility. Increase resident satisfaction and retention by   providing green amenities  like bike racks, electric vehicle charging stations, and communal gardens.

Sustainable property management is a win-win approach that benefits the environment, property owners, and residents alike. Embracing environmentally forward practices is a responsible choice and a strategic one in today's evolving real estate market.




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