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How to Choose the Best Property Management Work Order System

The right property management software can change how you manage your property and provide outstanding benefits to your business.

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Previously we have addressed how to better optimize your work order practices along with how to improve work order satisfaction using automated property software, next we will delve into how to find the best property management work order software for your business and the pros and cons of free versus paid options.

What is a property management work order system?

A property management work order system provides a comprehensive solution for managing work orders, preventative maintenance, and equipment upkeep. By leveraging such software, you gain access to features such as centralized management of tenant work order submissions, assignments, and staff scheduling. Additionally, automation capabilities can streamline progress reports, reminders for preventative maintenance, and task deadlines, ultimately reducing the manual workload for maintenance requests.

How does property management work order software work?

Property management software streamlines property-related tasks by connecting to your existing systems and tools (including websites and smart devices). Once connected it can begin collecting data on various aspects of your property including equipment, access control, marketing effectiveness, expenses vs. revenue, and much more.

To enhance the tenant experience and ease workflows the software can provide a unified dashboard that allows you to schedule maintenance and vendor tasks, plan preventative maintenance, facilitate automatic alerts, and provide enhanced and automated communication ensuring smooth operations and tenant satisfaction.

Benefits of property management work order software

The right property management software can change how you manage your property and provide outstanding benefits to your business, including:

  1. Reduced Expenses: Manual property management can be inefficient, making it challenging to identify cost-saving opportunities and further drive up expenses. Software and management tools can automate administrative tasks and analyze data to generate insightful reports thus accessing the potential to increase efficiency, reduce costs overall, and boost revenue.

  2. Improve Tenant Experience: In today's tech-savvy world, tenants expect a hassle-free and speedy digital experience, which can only be accomplished through the use of tech tools and software. Property management software facilitates the digitization and optimization of every aspect of the tenant journey from self-guided tours to digital lease agreements to mobile work order requests. Such software has the potential to elevate renters’ satisfaction levels resulting in reduced vacancy rates and increased revenue.

  3. Save Time: One of the greatest advantages of property management tools is the time savings. Handling property-related tasks manually can lead to countless hours spent on routine and redundant tasks. Automating these tasks, including vendor and maintenance scheduling, leads to enhanced productivity and expanded efficiency.

What features should you look for in property management work order software?

  • Integration: To achieve full functionality of your property management system, it is imperative that the software seamlessly integrates with all aspects of your property, including other technological tools such as smart devices, equipment sensors, and listing sites.

  • End-to-End: When selecting a property management solution, it's essential to opt for a comprehensive platform that can handle all aspects of your property management needs. Some property management solutions specialize in managing only one area, however, this can be inefficient and require additional platforms to manage separate tasks. Tasks that should be included in your automated property management software are:

    • Digital lease applications and rental agreements

    • Tenant screenings

    • Online rent payment

    • Accounting and reporting

    • Maintenance, vendor, and inspection management

  • Cloud-based: When selecting property management work order software, it's crucial to consider a cloud-based platform. Traditional property management software is locally based, which means users must be on the property and at the same computer to access necessary files and data. This approach restricts flexibility and limits productivity and efficiency. However, cloud-based software stores data in the cloud, enabling property managers and teams to access information from anywhere. This also eliminates concerns about data loss due to computer crashes or system failures. Cloud-based platforms are also more secure at protecting sensitive information from potential threats.

  • Automation: Manual property management is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to suboptimal tenant experiences and hundreds of wasted hours by staff. Automation capabilities in property management software rapidly streamline tedious tasks such as report creation, staff reminders, and the maintenance work order process. Automation empowers property managers to increase productivity and reduce unnecessary expenses.

  • Responsive Support: Having access to responsive customer support is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a software solution. Despite the effectiveness of the software, technical glitches may still arise, potentially leading to a negative impact on tenant experiences and impairing the productivity of your team. It is important to choose software with a highly responsive customer service support team that can resolve issues promptly and minimize any negative impacts.

Weighing the pros and cons of free vs paid property software

Free property management software can be an attractive option for those on a tight budget since it doesn’t require an upfront investment. However, free software often lacks the advanced features needed to cut costs and increase revenue, which may ultimately lead to higher expenses in the long run. Additionally, free software typically offers limited customization options, making it challenging to tailor it to a property’s unique needs.

In contrast, paid property management work order software comes fully loaded with features and automation capabilities that can significantly improve efficiency and reduce expenses. Paid software options also tend to utilize the latest technology, offer cloud-based solutions, more robust automation, and enhanced customer support services.

Despite the initial investment required, the ROI of paid property management software is often higher and more cost-effective over the long term.

Fortress is your property management work order solution

Automated property management software, such as Fortress, offers simplified work order management that addresses both current and future concerns. Tenants can easily submit maintenance requests 24/7 through their resident dashboard, which are quickly processed and prioritized. Communication between tenants, managers, and staff is streamlined, with updates and notifications throughout the process. Analyzed data and reports can anticipate maintenance needs in advance, allowing for preventative maintenance scheduling, reduced repair costs, and an enhanced tenant experience. Fortress simplifies workflows for maintenance staff all the while providing white-glove customer service and support, so you don’t need to worry about technological troubles interfering with your productivity or client satisfaction.



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