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Why Make it Hard When You Could Make it Easy? How Tech Can Be Used to Streamline Multi-Family Property Management

Learn which multi-family property management software features save you stress and simplify processes as you support residents and nurture leads.

What’s big, busy and needlessly slow?

To be honest… Far too many multi-family property management company processes. 

It’s easy to understand why… Increasing numbers of residents and ever-growing teams turn once-simple processes into complex workflows with way too many steps.

But in this article, we’re going to show you how the right software can streamline day-to-day tasks, boost productivity and improve resident experience. We’ll look at three key features to make your life a whole lot easier and then give you tips for an onboarding that’s as pain-free as possible. 

1. A solution to your overflowing inbox  

When managing multi-family properties, chaotic WhatsApp groups and long email chains can quickly lead to property issues and resident complaints. What you need is a space to flag, consolidate and address issues efficiently.

With 2-way texting inside Fortress OS’, you can access the convenience of SMS to send residents instant replies and easily stay on top of issues. With a unique number assigned to each property, they’ll also feel more confident that they’ll get a quick reply when they contact you. 

2. Rent roll that really works

Inside Fortress, you can view residents’ renewals, income, occupancy, and more in just a few clicks. Comprehensive reports are easily downloadable and you’ll get an instant view of tasks and action items. On-site staff can view property details while management oversee reporting either per property or for their whole portfolio.

3. Lead gen magic  

In an increasingly competitive space, tools to attract leads quickly are essential. Especially as you scale, you need to be able to rapidly identify where your residents are coming from to grow your property or full portfolio marketing efforts. 

Use technology such as Fortress (of course, because we’re great) to: 

  • Sync with sites like Zillow and
  • View all conversation history with potential leads
  • View real-time data about potential residents 

With all the details in one place, you’ll make a great first impression and never lose a prospective resident again.  

Onboard with the pros

When you choose Fortress, you get more than just an operating system… You get rent roll that works, resident solutions that transform your brand and… leading lead gen (yes, we went there). 

When you onboard, you’ll get comprehensive training that runs you through everything you need to know.  Then, with our WALK ME feature, your team can maintain confidence about using the tool with step-by-step instructions they can refer back to. 

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