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Improving Multifamily Lead Experience in 2023: A Guide to Creating the Ultimate Sales Funnel

Discover how to streamline your marketing, application and data tracking processes to improve lead experience and reduce your workload. Including software tips.

The multifamily market is booming. And that means that attracting the potential residents to your properties is harder than ever.

One too many clicks in the application process and you could lose a lead. Too little data tracked and you could miss out on an opportunity to optimize your property marketing processes. 

Too many organizations rely on outdated systems which put an administrative burden on teams and even multifamily leads. In this article, we look at how you can use the latest tools to streamline your sales and application processes to improve both internal operations and lead experience.   

Let’s get into it!

Optimizing your online presence 

It’s not news that building a brand online allows you to attract an increasing number of multifamily leads. As property manager Max Gardner describes, “In today's market, it takes more than just features and amenities to meet the expectations and needs of our customers, and our branding strategy helps communicate the service and special living experience that our residents enjoy.“ 

A great website is an essential ingredient in this… Not only as somewhere to display high-quality property photos, but to:

  • Provide content that speaks to the concerns and interests of multifamily leads
  • Establish credibility by showcasing testimonials and success stories
  • Guide leads through the application process with clear, useful information

By integrating Fortress into your website, you also get access to smart pricing. This uses market data to allow you to set rent rates that balance revenue generation with occupancy. Prices will sync straight to your site so you’re not putting off leads before they’ve even begun the application process. 

Streamlining applications 

Streamlining the application process goes beyond creating easy forms and simplifying documentation. A centralized communications system is crucial to ensuring that a lead’s earliest experiences are positive. 

With Fortress you can manage all messages from a single dashboard. Two-way SMS texting allows you to reach people in the most convenient way while virtual tour integrations mean that you can easily show your properties to large numbers of people at once. 

Tracking data 

Without compiling data about where your leads come from, the actions they take on your site, and a full history of your communications, you can miss out on important insights. You might mistakenly stop posting on your most successful listing sites, for example, or you might miss out on being able to track common lead concerns. 

Fortress gives you real-time data through two-point ILS syndication. You can see exactly where your leads are coming from and understand how they are moving through your sales funnel. And, even if you don’t have an API integration, you can embed our solution onto your site with our iFrame solution.    

If you want to take your lead generation to the next level, get in touch to find out more about our solution. Inside your Fortress, you can build a resilient online presence, communicate easily with leads, and track all the relevant data… Pretty neat, huh?  



Empowering people with streamlined and intuitive systems providing automation, centralization and extreme usability, creating a better quality of life and higher levels of success for everyone - operators, owners, residents and investors.

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