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Fortress: Real-time Insights, Not Stale Reports

You don't need to be an expert or an excel wizard to understand the health of your portfolio in Fortress, all the heavy lifting is done by the software.

Fortress Property Management Software

What happens when you spend years building ad-hoc report requests into a product with 90s tech at its core? Not real-time data, that's for sure.


When we talked to property managers about their day-to-day, they complained that they have to start each day pulling a dozen different reports from many different interfaces within their property management software, copying and pasting the data into another format, and manually calculating key property performance metrics to report to regional property managers.

Additionally, they described how their report data syncs overnight, so if they need an update mid-day, it will be based on data from the previous day. That may not seem like a big problem, but imagine the perspective of the regional manager. They pull a report where they see several work orders outstanding, as well as pending leases that should have been signed today. They might get pretty upset, even to the point of calling those maintenance managers and leasing agents to tell them they need to get these things done ASAP... but they’d be wrong, because their data is not up to date. The team is actually doing exactly what they need to, it’s just not updated in the system. So now they’ve wasted valuable time on a call providing updates the regional manager should already have.

Being veteran property managers ourselves, we built Fortress to solve these issues. Instead of bouncing around a confusing interface to find and export the reports you need, in Fortress, all of your important portfolio metrics are on one screen, and all your property specific metrics are on another. Owners and managers alike can see both. That's it. No more morning exports, copying and pasting, manual calcs, or last-minute calls to explain flaws in your data. Fortress gives you real-time data in one easy to navigate interface, and even calculates things like forward occupancy and average time outstanding for work orders.

You don't need to be an expert or an excel wizard to understand the health of your portfolio in Fortress, all the heavy lifting is done by the software (as it should be). That's why 80% of users tout the time savings they've achieved with Fortress - it really has been a game changer for everyone who relies on data to manage their assets.

In the next post, we'll talk about the incredible customer support the Fortress Customer Success Team offers (you definitely won't have to wait weeks to hear from the team at Fortress), check it out below:

Next Up: Fortress Customer Support





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