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How Can Fortress Help Manage Your Affordable Housing Units?

Save time managing affordable housing units with property management software Fortress.


If you’re managing affordable housing units, you know how important it is to have quick, easy, and comprehensive access to your data. Without this accessibility, you are likely wasting time and energy in areas that shouldn’t be so demanding.



Fortress helps affordable housing owners and managers get the most out of their information and leverage powerful integration tools to make operations more efficient and less time consuming. We do this by offering:


Centralized compliance with clean electronic document management

Our affordable housing product creates a seamless experience for compliance and onsite teams by removing the need to work outside of the system. It’s no longer necessary to utilize other file sharing software or emails — it’s all completed and exchanged within the same system. 

On Fortress’ centralized compliance screen, users can easily keep track of which compliance packets need to be reviewed. It also allows you to go directly into each resident’s file, complete action items, and submit files electronically. Users can also easily sort and view the last submission details — all at a glance.

Up-to-the-minute data is also easily exportable into a PDF or CSV file, which allows you to dive deeper into each resident’s profile. You’ll see household information, such as communication and activities, ledgers, lease details, and more.


Dedicated screens for progress monitoring

Fortress centralizes and tracks all households in one view — making it easy to manage actions like rent roll. And since many of the screens in Fortress act as “living reports”, data can easily be filtered to help users find exactly what they’re looking for. 

This saves our users time by eliminating the need to sift through multiple or irrelevant reports. Instead, you have exactly what you need at your fingertips in a matter of minutes. You can see a quick summary of each household, track lease end dates, evictions, compare prior and current rent amounts — even track subsidy rent, which is a big benefit for any affordable housing unit.

Users also have the flexibility to pull additional columns onto their screen and then sort and filter that information. Fortress even remembers your column preferences, so even when you’re logging in and out, you’ll have immediate access to your favorite view.  


Integrations that work for you

With our Sage Intacct integration, you can use Fortress to manage all applicant and resident receivables — either individually or using batch processing. For affordable housing managers in particular, this simple batch processing can be used for easily posting subsidy payments.

For credit and criminal screening of applicants, the Fortress system uses TransUnion to find the most qualified renters for your property. We also make recommendations based on the stipulations you set up with TransUnion during onboarding.


Fortress Property Management Software was built by veteran property managers to deliver a remarkably easy to use interface, real-time insights and best-in-class customer support. Learn more about Fortress from the articles below:

Or schedule a demo with our team below and see Fortress in action:




Ryan Strait

Ryan Strait

As Vice President of Product, Ryan Strait is responsible for delving deeper into market and product fit by ensuring a company-wide understanding of both the vision and direction of the Fortress platform. She also leads the product management and design team in aligning the product roadmap to the needs of each client, as well as to company initiatives.

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