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Why I Joined Fortress: Ryan Strait, VP of Product

Marketing Team Nov 21, 2022 12:58:36 PM

Name: Ryan Strait

Title: VP of Product


What drives you? How did your career path lead to Fortress?

Solving problems for our customers drives me. Meeting with them, hearing and understanding their pain points, and then working creatively with the engineering team to solve for them is so fulfilling. When I was presented with an opportunity to join the Fortress team - to not only optimize the way we are solving problems for customers - but also to optimize and scale the business, I was thrilled. 


How has your experience with Fortress been thus far?

My experience with Fortress has been stellar so far. I’m surrounded by a talented and driven team that is eager to evolve the PropTech space. 


What about the company do you value most?

Even as a remote company, I value the people most. I enjoy seeing the team challenge each other in meetings to think bigger and not settle for the status quo. I am encouraged to see that each department is future minded – making sure we think ahead and set ourselves up to scale. And it warms my heart to see our Slack channels light up with families, pets, and personal updates. The people and culture we are creating now is what will make it possible for us to be successful.


How does your role allow you to contribute to the growth and vision of the company?

As I lead our product team, it is my responsibility to align the product with the company vision. Each enhancement and feature should bring our vision closer to fruition, and if it doesn’t, it won’t make the priority list.

As we evolve the product, it will enable us to capture more market share, retain our customers, and broaden the breadth of our product offerings.   


What would you say to someone considering joining the Fortress team

Join us! We know when to grind and when to breathe and encourage new mistakes, accountability, and celebration along the way. We have a special opportunity in the PropTech industry and need the best and brightest to help us achieve our goals.  


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