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Why I Joined Fortress: Travis Hoover, Principal DevOps Engineer/QA Lead

Get to know our Principal DevOps Engineer/QA Lead Travis Hoover and why he joined our team that's disrupting the property management software market.

Name: Travis Hoover

Title: Principal DevOps Engineer/QA Lead


What drives you? How did your career path lead to Fortress?

I am a builder — driven by the desire to create things and have others use the things I make. I discovered Fortress while it was still in the very early start-up stage and quickly identified the potential for what it could become. 

This discovery excited me and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I thrive in environments where I am engaged and encouraged to innovate, and Fortress has always provided me with these opportunities.


How has your experience with Fortress been thus far?

Since day one, my experience with Fortress has always been excellent. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to grow professionally, as well as the ability to bring value to the company. 

Things are never boring around here and the lack of monotony is something I think is important to find in any job.


What about the company do you value most?

Fortress has clear cohesion between the various teams and this has led to the development of an outstanding work culture. This, along with the fact that I have grown to admire and respect every single team member that I work with, is what I most admire and value in the company.


How does your role allow you to contribute to the growth and vision of the company?

As head of the DevOps department, I deal directly with everything “under the hood” — meaning everything that allows Fortress to operate to the degree one would expect from a revolutionary proptech platform. 

My department serves as the link between developers and operations, which affords me a unique and valuable vantage point into what the company is doing. It also gives me the opportunity to influence the decisions being made behind the scenes as we continue to grow. 


What would you say to someone considering joining the Fortress team?

You won’t regret it! Personally, working here has proven to be a rewarding and enriching experience. I know anyone seeking the same experience and the opportunity to truly love what they do will find it at Fortress.


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