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Why I Joined Fortress: Victor Tsado, Business Development Representative

Marketing Team Apr 13, 2023 2:59:50 PM
Why Victor Tsado Joined Fortress PropTech

Name: Victor Tsado

Title: Business Development Representative

What drives you? How did your career path lead to Fortress?

I am an ambitious person that is driven by maximizing my potential in things. I truly believe life is a never-ending evolution and growth journey. You cheat the world of the fullness of your magic if you don’t harness yourself. I am driven by becoming the best version of myself, personally, career-wise, and in all other facets. It gives me the best chance to leave people better than I met them and a legacy that will last longer than my mortality.

I am a former soccer player that was looking for something I was passionate about to pour myself into. I worked in finance for a while and just felt in my gut that it wasn't for me long-term.
Sales is something I had some experience in and I always gravitated toward it because it has a lot of similarities to being an athlete. I quit my finance job and decided to do some soul-searching; I decided I wanted to go into tech sales or real estate. I chose these two fields because they are both things I am interested in but also spaces in which you can make generational wealth. I came across Fortress and loved how it was a combination of both those things. Thankfully I applied, went through the process and I am happy to be here.

How has your experience with Fortress been thus far?

It has been amazing so far. I am very thankful to be working at a company that values its workers. From the first day, the team has empowered me to step in and make an impact. There is a level of trust and accountability that is tethered to the culture here which I love. Everyone really believes in me and wants to see me grow. Sales can be a roller coaster but when you
know you have a team that always has your back and advocates for you it helps a lot. I am thankful to be working here because I don't get the Sunday scaries anymore. I genuinely enjoy what I do and the people I work with.

What about the company do you value most?

I value the team-like culture. Kerri sent a heartwarming message after the Nashville shooting and it was a reminder that working for good people is so important. It feels like a family here and I know that is a cliche contrived saying in the workforce but it really does. In any relationship showing up for the other person is how you build trust and the leadership here constantly does
that. They make sure you feel appreciated and push you to be better. I have learned that love can sometimes be impulsive but appreciation requires reflection. I value the community-oriented culture we have at Fortress.


How does your role allow you to contribute to the growth and vision of the company?

I always say at Fortress I am the first line of offense. Sales is a huge part of growing a company because, at the end of the day, you can have a great product but if you can’t sell it then it is pointless. I am the one that first introduces customers to the product and gets them started on the process. I play a huge role in the vision of the company because we have big goals for
growing this company. Goals like that need a pipeline to materialize and my job is to give my AE’s as many at-bats to close deals and hit growth targets.


What would you say to someone considering joining the Fortress team?

I would tell them that Fortress is the best place I've worked at. The culture, the people, and everything about it is amazing. If you are committed to growth then this company is for you. You get a chance to be a part of something special at such an exciting time in the story of the company. You get to write the company’s future but also to write yours because of the plethora of growth opportunities. You won’t regret it in the future when you look back and are proud of how far you and the company have come. I know Fortress will become the biggest company in the space and you yourself have the opportunity to become a household name in the industry if you commit to it.

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